Buy The Best Cheap Android Phone If you’re thinking to buy the best cheap android phone, you will have a good news.  Android is the most popular mobile operating system. It found on on a wide range of smartphones in all shapes and sizes from Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony. They compete to release best cheap phones with prices around or  under $100.

Android phone has all the same basic features. Since Android’s main feature is its ability to be customised. Phone maker is able to tweak and to change the look and add the features. Android is great if you mainly use Google services such as Gmail, GTalk, Google Docs. Google also provide a very good android application store and has a greater range of price. The Android phones prices are coming down all the time. But , you should still make a few compromises.

Buy The Best Cheap Android Phone

Do you want to buy the best cheap Android phone? See  our best android phone criteria that you should to compromise to to buy the best Android phone to match your needs and budget. Don’t worry, buy the best cheap android phone is getting easier because they’re generally getting better. Here we’ve listed some specs that you should looking for.

Screen Quality – Cheap Android Phones tend to have small screens , around 3 to 4 inches and lower screen resolutions,  320×480 or 480 x 800 is common. But if you can find higher resolution it would be nice for looking at photos, watching movies or playing games.

Processor – Entry level Android Phones tend to have mediocre processors,  1GHz single-core are common.  Eventhough this processor is enough for daily use, please try to look for a phone with a dual-core processor to keep your   need  running smoothly

Memory -Best cheap Android phones may be will not provide a large internal memory, maximum 8 GB. But it enough, since you make sure you have external strorage support.

Camera – You may will not get a 8  MP camera on your budget android phones. But, that is a good benchmark to looking for a phone camera which perfectly fine for quick snaps or shots with almost perfect quality.

Android Version –  Try to find android phones using Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or 4.1 Jelly Bean. Because if have an old version of Android , it means you can’t enjoy the latest apps.

Keypad – Virtual keyboard in touchscreen is OK. But if you’re not comfort  to fast typing then you have an alternatif to see android phone with QWERTY keyboard.

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